Endocrinologist Misnikova: addiction to sugar makes appearance less attractive

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Endocrinologist Inna Misnikova: sugar abuse deprives people of external attractiveness.

Endocrinologist Misnikova advised Russians to more strictly control the amount of added sugar they eat. According to the expert, an addiction to sugar makes one's appearance less attractive.

In particular, large doses of sugar in the daily diet prematurely deprive the skin of freshness and smoothness, and also accelerate facial aging.

“The more sugar in food, the higher the glucose level, which means that the processes of glycation of skin proteins are more active, which leads to its aging and less attractive appearance,” explained endocrinologist Inna Misnikova in her Telegram channel.
In addition, the doctor added, intensive consumption of sugar stimulates insulin releases, which can result in hypoglycemia and low glucose levels. Such processes negatively affect the condition of blood vessels and blood flow, and therefore also on appearance. In addition, excessive insulin secretion can contribute to hormonal imbalance, which impairs the secretion of sex hormones. As a result, the appearance of women and men is deprived of the features that make it especially attractive – femininity and masculinity.

Misnikova is convinced that reducing sugar intake can help make your appearance more attractive, and also maintain youthfulness in adulthood.

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