Dr. Malysheva advised consuming foods with selenium to protect against cancer

Brazil nut
Elena Malysheva: products containing selenium improve the body's defense against cancer.

Professor Malysheva reminded the Russians that selenium is among the main anti-cancer microelements. The doctor of medical sciences advised eating foods with selenium to more reliably protect the body from cancer.

“Brazil nuts, pork kidneys and tuna are three products that hold the record for selenium content,” informed Dr. Malysheva.
She clarified that just one Brazil nut, which a person eats per day, can provide the body with a daily dose of selenium.

“You can consume 20-50 grams of kidney or tuna, respectively, to restore the body’s need for selenium,” – the expert added.
Malysheva’s colleague, immunologist Andrei Prodeus, additionally said that the selenium content in the body inversely correlates with susceptibility to cancer. With a low level of this microelement, the risk of suffering from the development of cancer increases by 35 percent.

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