Doctor Vyalov: the popular breakfast of scrambled eggs can be dangerous for blood vessels and the heart

fried eggs
Gastroenterologist Sergei Vyalov: foods familiar to Russians can significantly increase blood cholesterol levels.

Doctor Vyalov, remind me that the functioning of the heart and vascular system can seriously deteriorate due to the fact that a lot of cholesterol accumulates in the blood. Combining with other fats and calcium, it forms plaques that grow on the walls of large vessels and arteries. The appearance and growth of such plaques means that a person is exposed to atherosclerosis, in which the risks of heart attacks and stroke increase sharply.

“The difficulty is that hidden cholesterol may be present in various foods that we eat every day . It’s important to know where he might be hiding and what this leads to,” Vyalov shared in his Telegram channel.
The gastroenterologist noted that the body can become “oversaturated with cholesterol” even due to a simple breakfast. For example, a product such as boiled sausage, which is used to make sandwiches or scrambled eggs, contains up to 70 mg of cholesterol per 100-gram serving.

In addition, eggs themselves, especially fried ones, are a generous source of cholesterol. Thus, scrambled eggs cooked with the addition of boiled sausage or sausages can turn into a real “cholesterol bomb”. The popular breakfast of scrambled eggs and sausage can be dangerous for blood vessels and the heart, an expert warned.

“One egg (due to the yolk) can contain more than 180 mg of cholesterol. But eggs, unlike sausage, are a source of healthy nutrients, so you need to eat them in moderation. But you can definitely sacrifice the sausage,” Vyalov advised.
In addition, the doctor recommended caution in eating sandwiches with cheese and ready-made baked goods (for example, cookies) for breakfast. Just a few pieces of cookies are already 20 mg of cholesterol, the specialist warned.

He emphasized that excess cholesterol not only contributes to the development of heart problems – in his case, blood clots and gallstones form faster. But going to the extreme and categorically refusing everything that contains cholesterol is also a mistake. Vyalov summarized that the body must maintain its correct balance, since a lack of cholesterol makes a person prone to nervous disorders, problems with bile secretion, and weakened immunity.

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