Doctor Volkova named eggs and cottage cheese among the “foods in the refrigerator” for reducing belly fat

boiled eggs
Doctor Ekaterina Volkova: to reduce belly fat by reducing fat, protein foods, including eggs, cottage cheese, yoghurt, will be useful.

Fat fat Many people would like to get rid of the stomach and other problem areas of the body. Doctor Volkova reminded on Telegram that a balanced diet helps to remove excess fat from these places.

“The menu should include natural food that gives the body the necessary vitamins and microelements. At the same time, the weight will gradually go away, and the waist will become thinner,” the doctor noted.
Ekaterina Volkova clarified which “foods in the refrigerator” can be very useful for reducing belly and thighs. One of them is natural yogurt, unsweetened and not having any particular flavor (fruit, berry, caramel, etc.). If you really want to sweeten the product, it is better to add pieces of fruit or berries to it yourself. You can also eat yogurts with coarse oatmeal, seeds, nuts

Volkova considers lean meat – beef, chicken, turkey, rabbit – to be an important product in the diet of people losing weight.

In general, the expert noted, a diet focusing on protein foods is most effective in getting rid of excess fat and losing weight. Ekaterina Volkova named eggs and cottage cheese among the available “foods in the refrigerator” for reducing belly fat.

“Eggs and cottage cheese are protein foods. The protein component is important for building muscles, blood vessels, hormones and internal organs,” the doctor explained.
Earlier, the portal wrote that foreign nutritionist Duane Mellor called white bread safe for health and does not cause sharp fluctuations in blood sugar levels. blood.

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