Doctor Volkova: after 40 years you need to minimize bread and sugar, eat less red meat

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Doctor Ekaterina Volkova: after 40 years, processes occur in the body that activate fat deposition.

Doctor Volkova said that as the 50-year-old approaches At this point, the level of estrogen in the body begins to decrease (in women), and the quality of insulin also deteriorates. These processes affect negative changes in appetite, increased fat mass and body weight.

“The lower your estrogen levels, the more difficult it becomes to lose weight. As for insulin, it is a hormone that utilizes glucose. If the quality of insulin decreases, there is more “free” glucose in the blood, which makes us want to eat more and more often,” the doctor shared in her Telegram channel.
Volkova added that the diet after 40 years should be structured in such a way as to inhibit dangerous processes leading to excess weight, and not stimulate their intensive development. For this purpose, the doctor advised reducing the amount of three products in the daily menu.

“The point is to try to minimize bread and sugar, and also eat less red meat, giving preference to fish and poultry,” the expert clarified.
Ekaterina Volkova also recommended that after 40 years, eat enough foods containing unsaturated fatty acids, which are beneficial for the prevention of metabolic syndrome (in the form of unrefined oils, nuts, unsalted seeds). In addition, to maintain a healthy weight, you should eat up to 500 grams of vegetables per day and sleep at least 8 hours a day.

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