Surgeon Abramova: the “leg to leg” pose threatens the appearance of back pain and inflexibility of the foot

foot to foot
Angiosurgeon Svetlana Abramova named problems with the body that arise due to the habit of sitting in the “leg to foot” position.

Surgeon Abramova warned that people who constantly sit in this position can seriously harm their spine. Their habit, in particular, threatens the appearance of lower back pain.

“The longer a person sits with his legs crossed, the more his body’s center of gravity shifts. This leads to scoliosis, changes in head position, pathological changes in the spine (especially in the cervical region), pain in the lower back and upper back,” the doctor told the Vesti Podmoskovya portal.
Abramova added that the manner of always sitting, Crossing your legs also increases the risk of developing trochanteritis, a pathology accompanied by inflammation of the femoral tendons. Its symptom is pain that overcomes a person when walking, as well as while climbing stairs or squatting.

Often, people sitting in a cross-legged position experience numbness in the limb – a sign that the peroneal nerve is being pinched. Surgeon Abramova said: if such pinching of a nerve occurs frequently, neuropathy may develop, due to which a person will not be able to fully bend the foot and toes.

The portal previously wrote that persistent swelling of the limb in the heat can occur due to blood clots and heart problems.

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Svetlana Abramova Svetlana Abramova Health podologist, vascular surgeon, candidate of medical sciences, member of the Russian Association of Phlebologists