Doctor Solomatina: sausages contribute to the development of cancer. Which ones are especially dangerous?

Dietician Elena Solomatina: meat processing provokes the release of substances that can affect the development of cancer.

Doctor Solomatina stated that regular consumption of sausages , sausages and bacon contribute to the development of cancer. The doctor called smoked and fire-fried meat products especially dangerous.

“During the processing of meat, certain substances arise that can lead to both intestinal and pancreatic cancer. Well, further along the chain – prostate cancer, breast cancer in women and so on,” Elena Solomatina said in a commentary to Channel Five.
The doctor explained that the risk of cancer increases due to the consumption of numerous components of sausages – stabilizers, flavor enhancers. In addition, they are always saturated with salt, which, when consumed in large quantities, contributes to the development of stomach cancer.

According to Solomatina, cancer risk is increased by regular consumption of just 50 grams of processed meat products – for this, for example, eating just one sausage daily is enough. If you constantly eat more sausages, the likelihood of developing cancer will increase by 20% or more.

The doctor recommended eating turkey, chicken or fish instead of processed meat.

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Elena Solomatina Elena Solomatina Healthy lifestyle nutritionist, candidate of medical sciences