Doctor Queen: dumplings give the body protein and healthy fats

According to therapist and nutritionist Margarita Koroleva, dumplings may well be a healthy dish for the body.

Doctor Koroleva said that moderate consumption of dumplings As part of a generally healthy diet, it will not harm human health. Moreover, dumplings provide the body with healthy fats and protein, the expert told Moscow 24.

“The protein in such a product maintains a feeling of fullness for quite a long time and is a source of useful protein molecules for building and renewing tissues in our bodies.” body,” stated the Queen.
The doctor added that dumplings prepared at home from natural ingredients are considered useful first of all. The meat filling should prevail in them. Dumplings made from high-quality meat will be a source of a number of vitamins and microelements. Even the fat they contain can be beneficial: it supports the functioning of the body at the molecular level.

“Fat components are used because our body is constantly working and using up all molecular materials,” the expert said in this regard .
Earlier, the portal wrote that garlic is one of the most useful vegetables that helps the liver recover.

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