Doctor Pavlova: freezing makes homemade bread healthier, reducing the risk of an insulin surge

Endocrinologist Zuhra Pavlova: starch in homemade bread becomes resistant after freezing, which prevents a sharp increase in blood sugar and insulin levels.

Doctor Pavlova stated that freezing makes homemade bread healthier, reducing the risk of an insulin spike. An insulin surge is the production of an increased amount of this hormone that occurs after eating foods that provoke a significant increase in blood sugar levels. Typically these include foods rich in simple or fast carbohydrates, including pastries and bread (primarily made from white wheat flour).

Doctor Pavlova noted that frequent or excessive consumption of bread contributes to weight gain.

“When baking bread, starch undergoes gelatinization, which is why glucose is absorbed faster. Which is not very good, because then the insulin level increases significantly. A person begins to be tormented by hunger, he gains weight faster,” the doctor shared in her telegram channel.
According to the doctor, freezing bread makes the gelatinized starch resistant, meaning one that takes longer to digest and raises blood sugar levels more slowly. This prevents an insulin spike from occurring.

“Freezing is twice as effective as regular refrigeration,” the expert warned.
In addition, Pavlova added, sugar and insulin do not rise too much when eating whole grains of bread. But the doctor advised eating even such bread in quantities of no more than a piece per meal.

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Zukhra Pavlova Zukhra Pavlova Healthy lifestyle, endocrinologist, Moscow State University. M. V. Lomonosova, Candidate of Medical Sciences