Oncologist Kasparov: an ordinary injury can trigger the development of a tumor

a doctor checks a patient's mole
The development of a malignant tumor after a common injury is by no means an exceptional phenomenon, oncologist Boris Kasparov spoke about this.

The appearance of cancer can be influenced by various factors. Oncologist Kasparov stated that even an ordinary injury can sometimes provoke the development of a tumor.

“Cases when oncological diseases develop against the background of injuries do happen,” the doctor said on the page of the National Medical Research Center of Oncology named after. Petrova on the social network VKontakte.
Kasparov explained that the likelihood of cancer due to injury increases when a person already has some prerequisites for the development of cancer (for example, a person with osteomyelitis has bone damage as a result of injury).

In addition, the risk of cancer increases when benign formations are injured.

“Benign formations rarely degenerate into malignant ones, but trauma can contribute to this process,” postulated Boris Kasparov.
The oncologist gave an example with moles. According to the doctor, moles can be subject to chronic traumatization by some parts of clothing, underwear, accessories, and shoes. Such chronic irritation of nevi triggers the malignant process.

“For example, for a patient with moles along the bra line, we recommend removing them, since constant trauma occurs in these places,” the specialist clarified.
The oncologist emphasized, that it is always necessary to consult a doctor if an area of ​​the body where there is any neoplasm is injured.

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