Doctor Pavlova: eating boiled eggs helps prolong life

soft-boiled egg
Endocrinologist Zuhra Pavlova: chicken eggs are one of the best options for animal protein for the human body.

Doctor Pavlova said that eating boiled eggs help prolong life – their positive effect on the functioning of the body has been confirmed by researchers. Test participants in the group that consumed whole chicken eggs demonstrated lower cholesterol levels, weight loss, and improved cardiovascular health. In addition, their test scores for insulin resistance improved.

“By increasing the level of “good” cholesterol, eggs were able to prevent the development of atherosclerosis,” added Pavlova.
The doctor noted that it is whole eggs, and not just egg whites, that have a positive effect on health. The yolks contain a large amount of biologically active nutrients and compounds that can improve metabolism and effectively support the immune system. At the same time, eggs are perfectly digestible, which immediately provides the body with a very wide range of useful components: for example, vitamins or antioxidants.

Pavlova emphasized that eggs are an affordable product that provides a person with high-quality protein necessary for the healthy functioning of the body and prolongation of life.

“In general, chicken eggs are one of the best options for animal protein. It’s ideal to eat them for breakfast several times a week, from two to five,” the doctor shared in her Telegram channel.
The portal previously wrote that many traditional breakfast dishes are not suitable for people with chronic problems with heart.

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Zukhra Pavlova Zukhra Pavlova Healthy lifestyle, endocrinologist, Moscow State University. M. V. Lomonosova, Candidate of Medical Sciences