Doctor Myasnikov called bread healthier than white flour rolls

Rolls, bread and other baked goods made from white flour should not be eaten on a regular basis, said Alexander Myasnikov.

Doctor Myasnikov together with the chef -Cook Gleb Astafiev touched on the topic of healthy and unhealthy bread. Speaking about this, a famous doctor advised Russians to exclude rolls made from white flour from their daily diet.

“Buns made from white flour are pure starch. There is no need to eat such bread,” said Alexander Myasnikov.
The specialist named whole grain bread healthier than baked goods made from white flour. According to the doctor, eating whole grain bread (in moderation) is allowed even if you have diabetes.

“Whole grain bread differs from non-whole grain bread in that everything that is in the grain, including the grain germ, is a huge amount of microelements and vitamins , is also in it,” added chef Gleb Astafiev.
As for caloric content, the fewest calories are contained in bread made from natural rye flour (ideally, such rye bread should be made from peeled flour). Experts also reported that the crust of bread is always much higher in calories than the crumb.

Many people consider yeast-free bread healthier than yeast bread. In fact, doctors say, it is beneficial to consume both

“Both types of bread – yeast and yeast-free – contain vitamins and help produce the enzymes that we need. Each is useful in its own way.”
Earlier, the portal wrote that reducing the calorie content of dishes with age helps prolong life.

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Alexander Myasnikov Alexander Myasnikov Healthy lifestyle general practitioner, cardiologist, chief physician of City Clinical Hospital No. 71 (Moscow), television and radio presenter.