Doctor Mukhina explained the need to eat fiber every day

Dietician Mariyat Mukhina: you need to eat fiber every day, it removes toxins from the body.

Doctor Mukhina said in an interview that you need to eat fiber daily, and explained the need for such a habit. The specialist noted that gastric juice and enzymes. practically do not destroy it, and the fiber reaches the intestines unchanged. The dietary fiber it consists of effectively cleanses the intestines, activates the evacuation of food masses and eliminates toxins.

“A person must have the habit of consuming vegetables, fruits and grains on a daily basis. They contain a lot of fiber, that is, dietary fiber, which improves intestinal function,” explained Mariyat Mukhina to Moscow 24.
The specialist added that fiber slows down the release of cholesterol and sugar into the blood, thereby reducing their levels. Another advantage is its ability to be a prebiotic, that is, food for beneficial intestinal bacteria, thanks to which many vitamins are synthesized in the gastrointestinal tract.

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