Doctor Lebedeva told Russians two porridges that are good for healthy intestines

Doctor Dilyara Lebedeva called oatmeal one of the healthiest porridges for the intestines.

Doctor Lebedeva recalled that the functioning of the whole body largely depends on the condition of the intestines .

“Not only the digestion of food, but also the condition of the skin, immunity, and general well-being depends on the functioning of the intestines,” shared gastroenterologist and endocrinologist Dilyara Lebedeva in the Telegram channel.
The doctor noted that the choice of products for everyday nutrition is a factor that is of great importance for intestinal health. She turned her attention to the porridge. According to Lebedeva, whole grain porridges are a simple and affordable food that promotes good intestinal health.

Doctor Lebedeva told the Russians two porridges that are especially useful for healthy intestines are oatmeal and buckwheat. Their benefits are partly explained by the action of the dietary fiber present, which enriches the intestinal microflora and improves its peristalsis.

“Buckwheat and oatmeal should be included in the diet (if there are no contraindications from a doctor). Buckwheat is a storehouse of soluble and insoluble fibers that regulate “traffic” in the intestines. “Oatmeal helps the intestines work like clockwork,” the gastroenterologist emphasized.
Dilyara Lebedeva added that eating foods with probiotics is also useful for healthy intestines: she advised eating natural yogurt and kefir every day. The doctor explained that such products “keep the intestinal microflora in good shape.”

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