Doctor Kontsedailo called pain in the area from the earlobe to the navel a signal of a sick heart

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Cardiologist Polina Kontsedailo: pain radiating from the sternum to the area from the earlobe to the navel can signal disturbances in the functioning of the heart.
< br>Doctor Kontsedailo named in a commentary to Gazeta.Ru a part of the body in which pain is associated with heart disease. The doctor named pain in the area from the earlobe to the navel as one of the signals of a diseased heart.

“It is necessary to consult a cardiologist if symptoms such as diffuse burning, pressing pain behind the sternum, in the interscapular area, as well as if the chest pain radiates to the lower jaw, neck, arms, to any area from the earlobe to the navel,” advised Polina Kontsedailo.
The cardiologist added that such pain can worsen under circumstances of physical exertion and psycho-emotional stress. In addition, with a diseased heart, a person feels shortness of breath, a certain distension in the chest.

The doctor emphasized that the most severe heart pathology – myocardial infarction – can manifest itself as such pain syndrome. The salvation of a person with a heart attack largely depends on how timely medical care is provided to him.

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