Doctor Lebedeva: foods with sugar cause collagen glycation and aging

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Gastroenterologist Dilyara Lebedeva spoke about foods that provoke accelerated aging due to the glycation of collagen they cause.

Doctor Lebedeva said that sugar that people consume excessively may be responsible for the appearance of some changes in appearance. The specialist reported that there is such a phenomenon as glycation of collagen, a protein that provides skin elasticity and smoothness. When foods containing sugar are eaten in large quantities, collagen is “sugarified,” leading to its modification and destruction. As a result, the quality of the skin deteriorates significantly. Thus, doctor Lebedeva clarified, foods with sugar cause collagen glycation and aging

“Wrinkles, sagging, sagging facial contours, hyperpigmentation, dilated capillaries and swelling. This all occurs due to sugaring or glycation of collagen. The bottom line is that collagen is being destroyed by glycation end products (AGE),” the doctor informed on Telegram.
According to Lebedeva, by giving up harmful foods, you can stop the unwanted aging process:

“It is necessary to give up desserts and AGE-containing products.”
What exactly the expert advises to exclude: fried potatoes, as well as other dishes in which the ingredients are fried to a crisp (for example, the same kebab). You should not eat bread crusts either. Preference should be given to fresh, unprocessed foods, and avoid semi-finished and finished industrial products.

Among other habits that are useful for maintaining youth, the doctor highlighted thorough chewing of food, adequate sleep, drinking water, and regular exercise.

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