Doctor Gadzian: spicy and fatty foods increase the risk of kidney cancer more than sugar

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According to oncologist and surgeon Mark Gadzian, the high risk of kidney cancer is closely associated with bad eating habits.

Doctor Gadzian warned Russians that a disease such as kidney cancer has become very common in recent years.

“In Russia, in terms of the rate of increase in cancer incidence, kidney cancer ranks third,” the doctor shared.
Mark Gadzian noted that the malignant process can strike immediately two kidneys, blocking their work. At the same time, malignant cells begin to metastasize, spreading throughout the body with lymph and blood.

The doctor informed that various factors can influence susceptibility to a dangerous disease. In particular, the risk of kidney cancer increases for people with sedentary jobs, smokers, and alcohol abusers. In addition, the kidneys suffer greatly when drugs for pain are taken uncontrollably.

Gadziyan drew attention to the fact that the kidneys are an organ that is sensitive to how a person eats. Addiction to foods with added sugar is one of the most harmful eating habits for them. But spicy and fatty foods increase the risk of kidney cancer even more than sugar.

“Among the main reasons for the development of kidney cancer is a large amount of fatty, spicy, smoked foods in the diet,” the doctor emphasized on Telegram.
He advised to sign up for an examination if there is an unexplained decrease in appetite and involuntary weight loss, weakness, and sleep problems. All these changes in a person's condition can occur as symptoms of a kidney tumor. A more obvious sign is lower back pain.

Earlier, the portal wrote that the risk of getting cancer is increased by frequent consumption of canned food in metal cans.

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