Doctor Shafalinov named facial distortion and tongue protrusion among the signs of a brain aneurysm

man holding his head
Doctor Vladislav Shafalinov, speaking about the signs of a brain aneurysm, advised that when they appear, promptly call an ambulance.

Doctor of Medical Sciences Shafalinov recalled that an aneurysm occurs when the integrity of the vascular wall is disrupted. It protrudes and a formation appears, similar to an inflated balloon, ready to burst at any moment. It is precisely the consequences of aneurysm rupture that are dangerous.

“The greatest threat is posed by cerebral aneurysms, which are often diagnosed in young people,” Professor Shafalinov shared with Tsargrad.
The doctor stated that signs of an aneurysm include negative neurological changes in the functioning of the body. In particular, he named facial distortion and tongue protrusion among such signs of a brain aneurysm.

“Anything can happen here: speech impairment, facial distortion, tongue protruding, pupils of different sizes. It may happen that a person sticks out his tongue, but it deviates to the right or left. Paresthesia of the limbs on one side may also occur,” listed Professor Shafalinov.
Many people don't know they have an aneurysm – it can exist without symptoms until it begins to grow and is at risk of rupture. Among the factors influencing its growth, doctors identify existing hypertension, age and genetics, as well as smoking and alcohol abuse, high physical activity, excess cholesterol in the blood.

Also with an aneurysm in the brain, chronic headaches can occur, frequent moments of dizziness, double vision.

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