Doctor Derevianko advised Russians to use iodized salt

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According to endocrinologist Olga Derevyanko, iodized salt is much more useful for Russians than sea or Himalayan salt.

Doctor Derevyanko advised Russians to use iodized salt, explaining that its use is a proven measure for the prevention of iodine deficiency.

“Russia is a region of iodine deficiency, so it is most important for residents of the Russian Federation to consume such salt,” the doctor said in a commentary for
Derevianko recalled that a lack of iodine in the body is a factor that provokes the occurrence of problems with the thyroid gland – hypothyroidism, nodular formations.

“The salt that you have at home should be marked “Iodized”: neither sea nor Himalayan,” the doctor emphasized.
The specialist added that during the day you can consume up to 5 g of iodized salt, no more. The doctor stated that it is especially important to monitor the level of iodine in the body for women during pregnancy, as well as for breastfeeding mothers.

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