Dietitian Duval: You Shouldn't Eat Ice Cream Every Day

ice cream
Nutritionist Angelica Duval: daily consumption of ice cream is a big surplus of extra calories.

Nutritionist Duval noted that in the summer, ice cream consumption traditionally increases. The specialist believes that many people treat this delicacy as a pleasant cooling snack, without thinking that such a “trifle” in its calorie content can be equal to a full meal.

“Ice cream is a high-calorie product, one glass can contain up to 400 kilocalories – to spend them, you need two hours of good physical labor,” the nutritionist shared with
According to Duvall, as a nutritionist, she does not recommend eating ice cream every day . If you eat it daily in addition to your main diet, this can create a significant excess of calories, which will lead to the formation of excess fat.

If there is ice cream, then you need to choose a high-quality, and most importantly, a natural product that does not contain dyes, emulsifiers and preservatives. The nutritionist advised eating ice cream in the first half of the day – this way there is a greater chance that the calories received will be used up by the body during the day, rather than being stored in fat reserves.

What else you should not do is eat ice cream on the street. Duval stated that in this case, dust and harmful substances from the environment settle on the delicacy.

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