Biologist Lyalina: crab sticks may well be part of a varied diet

crab sticks
Biologist Irina Lyalina told how often you can eat crab sticks.

Biologist Lyalina made it clear that crab sticks are not the healthiest product. But if you want, you can allow yourself to eat them – if you observe moderation, there will be no harm from it. According to the expert, crab sticks can be part of a varied diet.

“Crab sticks can be part of a varied diet, although they should not be relied on alone. The healthiest thing is to eat them with vegetables,” Lyalina told
The biologist added that the advantage of the product is its low calorie content. At the same time, manufacturers of the product may use additives, so before purchasing you should carefully study its composition – it is better not to purchase something that contains many preservatives.

“Crab sticks can be included in a person’s diet no more than once a week “, the expert warned.
Earlier, the portal wrote that sometimes a glass of mineral water can replace a bowl of soup, gastroenterologist Evgeniy Belousov reported this.

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