A constant preference for sweets or fatty foods is one of the signs of food addiction.

appetizing dessert
Doctors spoke about four signs of food addiction, characterized by a pathological craving for food.

With food addiction, the normal mechanisms of food consumption are disrupted: for example, it may uncontrolled eating of certain food groups occurs. In many cases, these foods are high in calories due to their high levels of saturated fat and simple carbohydrates. Kuzbass experts warned that an unhealthy obsession with such food can seriously harm health.

“Food addiction leads to weight gain, the development of metabolic syndrome and fatty hepatosis, metabolic and liver dysfunction,” noted Daria Yavorskaya, a gastroenterologist from the Kuzbass Clinical Emergency Hospital named after Podgorbunsky.
According to Yavorskaya, a constant preference for carbohydrates and sweet foods is one of the “telling” signs of food addiction.

“Most often, addiction is formed from fast carbohydrates, flour, and sweets,” the doctor emphasized.
In turn, medical psychologist Polina Berezanskikh pointed out the four most typical signs of food addiction.

  • Uncontrolled eating after strong emotions, experiences;
  • Eating regardless of whether there is a real feeling of hunger;
  • Craving for everything sweet, but especially for sweet foods with fat;
  • Obsessive thoughts about food.

Polina Berezanskikh confirmed that psychological problems (isolation, low self-esteem, depression, childhood trauma) are quite capable of causing overeating. Modern people often use high-calorie foods as an antidepressant, making it easier to endure everyday stress.

The portal previously wrote that an addiction to sugar makes a person’s appearance less attractive.

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