Urologist Lisikyan: hot weather affects the appearance of kidney stones

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Urologist Artem Lisikyan: in extreme heat, the risk of suffering from urolithiasis, its primary manifestation or exacerbation increases significantly.

Urologist Lisikyan informed that hot weather affects the appearance of kidney stones. The specialist noted that in hot weather, especially intense heat, a person’s urine becomes more concentrated, since large quantities of water leave the body during sweating. As a result, organs involved in urinary excretion (kidneys and bladder) may become a source of stone formation.

“During extreme heat, our bodies become severely dehydrated. But the liquid is excreted not with urine, but with sweat, because of which the urine becomes more concentrated, centers of salt crystallization appear, and within literally two months stones in the kidneys and bladder can appear,” warned urologist Lisikyan in an interview with portal 93. RU.
The specialist added that another danger of hot weather is its effect on the body's blood supply. On the one hand, the heat dilates blood vessels, on the other, it evaporates liquid from the body. All this impairs the processes of normal blood supply to organs, including the kidneys.

The urologist emphasized: in the heat it is extremely important to drink a lot of fluids – first of all, clean water. Lisikyan recalled that a person may not know about the appearance of kidney stones until renal colic begins. In this state, incredibly severe pain can occur, and an ambulance must be called for the victim.

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