Therapist Kondrakhin: drowsiness in the heat indicates overheating of the brain

daytime sleepiness
Therapist Andrei Kondrakhin: heatstroke from dangerous overheating can occur regardless of whether a person is in the sun.

Therapist Kondrakhin recalled that overheating increases the load on blood vessels, and this can also cause damage to the brain. If the brain overheats, it can “switch off,” the specialist warned in a commentary for RBC.

“The blood becomes thicker, more viscous, it is difficult to pump, and a person may lose consciousness, which is very difficult for the body,” – Kondrakhin shared.
He noted that such a syndrome can result from heatstroke, which can occur at any time regardless of whether the sun is shining or not. For example, you can get heatstroke and fatal overheating in a bathhouse or because of too warm clothes. Physical activity in hot weather also contributes to overheating, creating additional heat through muscle tension.

Therapist Kondrakhin informed that drowsiness that occurs in the heat indicates dangerous overheating of the brain.

“With heatstroke, vision is impaired – everything can swim before your eyes. Like drowsiness, this is the first sign that the brain is overheated,” the specialist specified.
The therapist added that if you lose consciousness in the event of heat stroke, or if there are surges in blood pressure that worsen your health, you should seek medical help.< br>
To prevent overheating, the doctor advised to monitor the drinking regime.

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Andrey Kondrakhin Andrey Kondrakhin Health general practitioner, candidate of medical sciences