Therapist Atyunina: women over 50 may develop arterial hypertension

Therapist Anastasia Atyunina: after 50 years, the risk of developing hypertension or osteoporosis becomes significantly higher for women.

Therapist Atyunina said that women’s health after Those aged 50 are at particular risk due to the onset of menopause.

“First of all, you should pay attention to the functioning of the cardiovascular system,” the doctor shared her advice, talking with Vechernaya Moskva.
Atyunina added that women over 50 may develop arterial hypertension. Also at this age, susceptibility to heart attacks begins to increase, from which women were previously protected by much higher levels of estrogen. The doctor advised to monitor blood pressure more carefully, and if the tonometer readings are 140/90 or more, consult a doctor.

In addition, it is necessary to monitor blood cholesterol levels. Atyunina warned that as age increases, the risk of suffering from dangerous cardiovascular disorders for women becomes more and more significant.

Additionally, the doctor said that women after 50 years of age may develop weight problems as a result of carbohydrate disorders metabolism – also because of this they become prone to type 2 diabetes. Other diseases that begin to haunt women more often after menopause are osteoporosis and cancer.

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