Surgeon Umnov named the period for complete recovery of an alcoholic’s body after giving up vodka

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Surgeon Alexander Umnov: if a person who had been drinking previously has survived abstinence from vodka for a year, his organs can recover almost completely.

Surgeon Umnov named the period for complete recovery of an alcoholic's body after giving up vodka – a year of sober life.

“The body of an alcoholic requires at least a year of sobriety to fully recover. During this time, all internal organs will return to normal,” the doctor shared with
Alexander Umnov noted: the main problem of those who quit alcohol is “breakdowns.” It is necessary to have a strong will and clear motivation to lead a “dry” lifestyle. People who are committed to quitting drinking need to consider cutting out anything that encourages them to drink (this may even mean changing their social circles). The doctor also advised to avoid “drinking points” in the form of cafes and snack bars. Relatives and friends, according to him, should keep a tight rein on the ex-alcoholic, helping him maintain sobriety.

“If you are craving alcohol, it is better to take a shower, run, walk outside, climb the stairs several times, perform physical exercises,” said Umnov.
Earlier, the portal wrote that walking after 50 years helps to increase life expectancy.

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Alexander Umnov Alexander Umnov Health surgeon, teacher at the medical department of the State University of Education