Surgeon Hayrapetyan: blood from the nose may flow due to diseases that reduce clotting

According to plastic surgeon Artashes Hayrapetyan, the causes of nosebleeds can be varied, starting with a burst vessel and ending with a tumor.

Surgeon Hayrapetyan said in an interview that the appearance of blood from the nose can be a symptom of a fairly large number of pathologies of varying severity. Explaining why blood can flow from the nose, the doctor named first the less dangerous causes, reversible with proper correction.

Why blood can flow from the nose: common causes.

  • Damage to the mucous tissue in the nasal passages.
  • Allergies.
  • Frequent blowing of the nose with severe tension in the nasal sinuses.
  • Abuse of drops and other remedies for nasal congestion.
  • Resulting inflammation.

Hayrapetyan noted that adequate therapy methods make it possible to cope with these problems within the framework of home treatment. At the same time, he warned that sometimes nosebleeds can flow due to very serious disorders and illnesses.

“Anyone who has frequent nosebleeds or does not go away for a long time should consult a doctor,” – a specialist shared his advice while talking with
Dangerous causes of nosebleeds:

  • Tumours;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Diseases that reduce blood clotting (they usually affect the liver, kidneys, heart);
  • Alcohol abuse.

“To stop bleeding, you need to lean forward slightly (not backward, as is commonly believed) and gently pinch your nostrils,” the surgeon stated.
He emphasized that if a nosebleed causes a taste of blood in the mouth, or it lasts too long, An ambulance should be called to the injured person so that doctors can check him for possible dangerous disorders.

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Important! Information is provided for reference purposes. Ask a specialist about contraindications and side effects and under no circumstances self-medicate. At the first signs of illness, consult a doctor.

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