Russian doctors have named the dangerous consequences of eating moldy bread

Doctors: the most dangerous consequence of eating moldy bread is death.

Russian doctors never tire of reminding us that it is inadmissible to eat moldy foods. In particular, Russians are warned about the dangerous consequences of eating moldy bread. Roskachestvo expert Natalya Zavyalova named one of them as a decrease in immunity, which exposes a person to the risk of contracting infections.

“Immunity decreases, allergies and problems with the gastrointestinal tract may begin. That is, regular consumption of moldy products leads to intoxication and poisoning of the body,” Zavyalova stated in an interview with Channel Five.
Another expert, nutritionist Mariyat Mukhina, emphasized that even bread that looks like it contains only a small amount of mold in a particular area is not suitable for food. Despite modest external traces of mold on the product, there is no doubt that it is completely affected by fungal spores. Additionally, Mukhina advised carefully inspecting the place where the bread is stored – it should be clean and dry.

The nutritionist said that fungal spores that appear on food can rise into the air, so if mold is found, spoiled food should be disposed of as carefully as possible, and the room should be thoroughly ventilated. Mukhina drew attention to the fact that spores from the air can penetrate the human body and his lungs.

Another specialist, mycologist Maxim Dyakov, clarified that sometimes aflatoxin is found in mold – a substance that, if it enters the body, can cause deadly consequences. The doctor said that under the influence of aflatoxin, cirrhosis of the liver can develop, kidneys suffer, and disturbances in the functioning of the immune and nervous systems occur.

Earlier, the portal wrote that bread is one of the products that can be consumed causes swelling.

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