Psychiatrist Rudov: at the initial stage of schizophrenia, you may not understand that the disease is developing

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Psychiatrist Viktor Rudov: an indifferent or cold attitude towards loved ones may indicate schizophrenia.

Psychiatrist Rudov said that when a person suffers from schizophrenia, he becomes susceptible to psychosis, ceases to navigate in time and space, loses his own personality. However, all these signs are usually observed at the stage of an actively progressing illness, then at the initial stage of schizophrenia one may not understand that the disease is developing.

“At its initial stage, it is not immediately clear that schizophrenia has begun. If your mood often changes, you realize that you have begun to behave strangely, others notice this and tell you about it, then most likely this is the first bell,” Viktor Rudov said in a comment to the Public News Service.
The psychiatrist added that As the disease progresses, there is a strong change in the perception of reality, a deterioration in the quality of memory and attention. A person may gravitate towards loneliness or, on the contrary, impose himself, get involved in discussions, prove something.

Other distinctive signs are sleep disturbances and loss of empathy, as well as emotional attachment to loved ones.

“Indifference to loved ones, relatives and even to oneself arises, the person becomes cold, the things that inspired him now become more difficult for him. are not interesting,” the specialist added.
Rudov emphasized that it is important to diagnose the disease and begin treating it before psychotic episodes occur, when hallucinations and voices in the head may occur.

Earlier, the portal wrote about that a symptom of problems with the brain can be tinnitus – pathological noise in the ears.

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