Podiatrist Koinova: cracked feet may indicate flat feet or diabetes

problems with heels
Podologist Anzhelika Koynova: cracks in the feet can signal various pathologies, from flat feet to diabetes.

Podologist Koynova told in interview, in which diseases cracks can appear on different parts of the feet. The specialist noted that if they appear on the skin between the fingers, this may be a sign of endocrine diseases.

“Injuries in the interdigital spaces are typical for people with thyroid diseases, diabetes mellitus or fungal infections,” said Anzhelika Koinova “ Gazete.Ru”.
The appearance of cracks on the heels is often associated with uneven loads on the feet – this can occur with inactivity, sedentary work or due to wearing improperly selected shoes. In addition, cracks on the heels and other areas of the feet can be caused by foot deformity processes, flat feet.

Another common cause of cracks is fungal infections.

“A person may notice symptoms such as rough, stiff and overdried skin with peeling, partial detachment of the outer layer of the skin, bloody discharge and itching,” the expert shared.
Earlier, the portal wrote that blurred vision can be one of the early signs of diabetes. “>Important! Information provided for reference purposes only. Ask a specialist about contraindications and side effects and under no circumstances self-medicate. Seek medical attention at the first sign of illness.

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