Nutritionist Selezneva named 10 life hacks on how to lose weight by summer; nutritionist Ponomareva warned against radical actions

Nutritionist Selezneva named 10 life hacks on how to lose weight by summer, nutritionist Ponomareva warned against radical actions

Expert Tatyana Selezneva told 76.RU how to lose weight properly by summer.

Top 10 life hacks that will help get your body in order for summer

1. Plan your meals the day before. Without a plan, there will always be unnoticed overeating.

2. Have a hearty breakfast and lunch to avoid evening and nighttime gluttons.

3. Eliminate fast food.

“Remove food “garbage”: fast food, processed foods, processed meat products, sugary carbonated drinks, lemonade, packaged juices, soy sauce, marinades, alcohol.”
4. When creating a menu, focus on protein foods and complex carbohydrates (vegetables, fruits, cereals); natural fats should be present in moderation. Protein should make up at least 20% of the nutritional structure – it is the main building material.

5. Control your sugar and salt intake. It is advisable to consume no more than 50 grams of sugar per day, and 3–5 grams of salt per day.

6. Drink 1–1.5 liters of clean water daily.

7. Add more green vegetables to your diet, especially raw ones.

8. Go to bed before 11:00 pm and sleep 7-8 hours. Fat burning is excellent during sleep.

9. Find opportunities for regular physical activity.

10. Don't be nervous about trifles.

“Losing weight by summer can be achieved using gentle and healthy methods that do not harm the body,” says nutritionist Vasilisa Ponomareva specially for MedicForum.
< br>Moderate calorie deficit
“Create a moderate calorie deficit by consuming slightly fewer calories than your body burns. This will allow you to gradually lose weight without stressing your body.”

< b>Sleep and rest
Get enough sleep and rest, as stress and lack of sleep can lead to excess weight and increased appetite.
Drinking water
Drink enough water throughout the day to keep your body hydrated and help break down fat.
Moderate pace
Gradually implement lifestyle changes so that they become habitual and long-term . Avoid crash diets and extreme exercise, which can harm your health.
Record your progress
Keep a food and physical activity log to track your progress and evaluate your achievements. By following these gentle methods, you can lose weight by summer and create a healthy and balanced lifestyle without stress and harm to your body.”

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