Neurologist Demyanovskaya: sleeping in a stuffy room increases the risk of blood clots

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Neurologist Ekaterina Demyanovskaya: in hot conditions the load on the cardiovascular system increases sharply.

Neurologist Demyanovskaya drew attention to the fact that in the heat A separate negative factor affecting the body is sleeping in an inappropriate environment, with excessively heated air and stuffiness. The doctor said that sleeping in a stuffy, hot room can provoke the development of processes that worsen a person’s condition.

“In a stuffy and hot room, the body temperature rises. To cool down, a person begins to sweat heavily and loses a lot of fluid with sweat. At the same time, the body loses water and electrolytes necessary for the normal functioning of the heart – potassium, magnesium and chlorine,” Ekaterina Demyanovskaya told RT.
The neurologist added that sleeping in a stuffy room increases the risk of blood clots. According to the doctor, its consequences are an increased load on the cardiovascular system, increased blood pressure, and susceptibility to edema. All this negatively affects blood circulation, promotes blood thickening and the formation of clots.

For people with poor health and cardiovascular problems, fever is a real high-risk factor for various cardiovascular complications, the doctor emphasized. Additionally, Demyanovskaya noted that in the heat it is important to drink a lot of water.

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Ekaterina Demyanovskaya Ekaterina Demyanovskaya Health neurologist, candidate of medical sciences