Malysheva: red and yellow dyes for eggs often contain dangerous additives

dyed eggs
Doctors Elena Malysheva and Andrei Prodeus warned Russians: some dyes for eggs can be harmful.

Shortly before Easter, doctors advised Russians celebrating this holiday Choose egg dyes with care. Dr. Malysheva noted that eggshells have pores through which the paint used will penetrate inside. Taking this into account, eggs should be dyed with natural pigments – for example, vegetable or berry juices, onion peels.

According to immunologist-allergist Andrei Prodeus, ready-made dyes may be unsafe due to the substances they contain. He recommended not to use coloring compounds that contain titanium dioxide and silicon dioxide (E129, E102 and E110). Additives are usually indicated on the packaging of dyes.

Elena Malysheva, in turn, clarified:

“Red and yellow dyes most often contain these dangerous additives.”
Earlier, nutritionist Elena Solomatina said, that storing colored eggs in the refrigerator allows them to be preserved for a long time.

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