If You Do These 3 Things You'll Lose Weight While Walking

If you do these 3 things, you'll lose weight while walking

A short walk stimulates digestion, clears the mind, brings new energy and can even get you in shape. Read on for three simple tips that will make your walking truly effective.

“Daily walking is a real help for health. This is mainly because it reduces the risk of many diseases – for example, diabetes, high blood pressure or cardiovascular diseases,” says endocrinologist Olga Yuryeva specially for MedicForum.

Walking also strengthens the immune system, supports digestion and improves mood. If you want to do something extra for your fitness, the following three tips will help you.

Vary your walking speed

This change is probably the simplest, but also timing is extremely effective: change your speed from time to time while walking.

“If you walk faster, you not only burn more calories, but you also stimulate your metabolism. All you have to do is increase your speed for a few minutes and then slow down again.”
Tip: If you're listening to music while walking, you can simply increase the tempo for the duration of the song and then continue at a leisurely pace for the next song. This can help you consciously increase your pace from time to time.

Walk on your toes more often

If you have already learned to increase your pace, you can add tiptoe walking from time to time. After just a few steps you will notice tension in your calves.

If this is too easy for you, you can also consciously tighten your glutes and work your glutes and calves. Although this exercise may be tiring at first, it is extremely effective and turns a leisurely walk into a tonic exercise routine.

Walk backwards from time to time

You may feel a little strange at first, suddenly walking backwards in the park. However, periodically changing the direction of running has many positive effects.

Researchers have found that walking backwards can improve balance and mobility in both children and adults who have had a stroke.

“Older adults who regularly walk backwards are less likely to fall. If you regularly walk backwards, your normal gait becomes more balanced as you practice coordination.”
It's best to try this exercise with a training partner first to avoid falling. Alternatively, you can also practice walking backwards by starting to look behind you and over your shoulder. This exercise is fun and will also help you get in shape.

Does walking really make you look slimmer?

It's good for your body and mind to go for a walk every day. But walking cannot replace a full workout.

Whether walking is enough for you depends on your individual goal. If you want to build muscle, working out is more likely to help you achieve that.

“If you want to improve your health and benefit your body, you don't have to do any extra exercise in addition to a daily walk.”

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