How to identify diseases by breath or body odor: doctor explains

Many diseases can be detected in the early stages by smell – for example, by breathing in cupped palms.

General practitioner Tatyana Zakharova noted in a comment for MedtkForum that the principle of diagnosing diseases by smell is not new – in our time, special “electronic noses” are being developed, that is, devices for analyzing breath that can detect certain diseases faster than a blood test. Some of these scents are so subtle that the human nose cannot pick them up. Others, on the contrary, are so strong that they are noticed not only by medical professionals, but also by non-specialists.

The expert explained what odors from the mouth or from the body you can feel on your own, without being a doctor. If you notice these odors, you should seek medical advice and help.

Tonsillitis. If your mouth smells sweet, this may be a sign of illness – bacteria are responsible for this smell.
< br>Other symptoms: difficulty swallowing, sore throat, fatigue, headache.

Liver problems. b>The smell of ammonia begins to come out of the mouth, a sign that a weakened liver cannot cope with the processing of gas produced when the body breaks down protein.

Other signs: fatigue, loss of appetite, decreased efficiency, feeling of pressure in the right upper abdomen.

Cystitis.If you smell more urine than usual when you urinate, you may have a bladder infection on the way. This odor is caused by bacteria that begin to decompose in the urine.

Other symptoms: burning and painful urination, unbearable urge to urinate.

Diabetes. Do you smell nail polish remover, acetone on your breath? This can be a sign of diabetes, as well as such a dangerous condition as a diabetic coma. The smell comes from the fact that the body has to produce energy from fat – acetone is produced as a by-product.

Other symptoms: increased urge to urinate and at the same time intense thirst, fatigue, dizziness.

Influenza . Breath that smells of rot (it seems to many that it smells of old socks) may indicate the onset of SARS. The viruses that cause them feed on mucosal cells, which then rot and smell bad.

Other symptoms:headache and body aches, runny nose, hoarseness of voice.

Inflammation of the stomach. When belching, the aroma of fermented fruit is felt. Cause: inflammation caused too active release of stomach acid.

Other symptoms: feeling of pressure and fullness in the upper abdomen, nausea.
Problems with the kidneys. Does your skin smell like urine? Then you definitely need to check the kidneys. If they are damaged, urea and creatinine can no longer be excreted in the urine in sufficient quantities, but are instead released in sweat.

Other symptoms: problems with urination (too much or not enough), high blood pressure, swelling of the eyelids, skin itching, nausea.

Hypothyroidism. after waking up, it smells of vinegar, it can be assumed that the thyroid gland is underactive. Hypothyroidism means that the metabolism slows down and the body excretes excess acids through sweat. This problem often occurs in women aged 40 to 50 years.

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Other signs: fatigue , cold sensitivity, weight gain, depressed mood, hair loss, constipation, cold, pale, dry skin. what painless sign can be used to suspect the development of cancer of the tonsils.