Hepatologist Tkachenko called a metallic taste one of the signs of cancer

metallic taste
Doctors explained what pathologies can cause a metallic taste.

Therapist and gastroenterologist Nikita Kharlov told Vechernaya Moskva that the sensation of metal in the mouth is often caused by the ingestion of blood particles containing iron. For example, a metallic taste can be felt after a strong cough, during which the bronchial region is injured due to tension.

The doctor added that blood particles can penetrate into the oral cavity and cause a feeling of a metallic taste during ulcerative processes.
“For example, due to bleeding in the esophagus, or if an ulcer is bleeding in the stomach.”
According to another expert, gastroenterologist and hepatologist Peter Tkachenko, the metallic taste that occurs in a person can also be explained by a lack of vitamins, or inhalation of certain substances (for example, such as mercury or lead contained in the same dust, water or cosmetics). Undiagnosed diabetes mellitus and kidney disease can also cause a metallic taste in the mouth.

Hepatologist Tkachenko also called a metallic taste one of the signs of cancer.
“With cancer, a person may also experience a distortion of taste: this not 100% iron, but it may look like it,” the specialist said.
Doctors advised that if such a symptom appears, seek advice or examination – from a therapist or gastroenterologist.

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