Gynecologist Komarova: this is why women should sleep without panties

Gynecologist Komarova: this is why women should sleep without panties

Do you prefer to sleep in thick pajamas or airy shorts? The gynecologist recommends that women sleep without panties at all. What at first glance seems unsanitary can actually benefit health.

As for clothes for sleep, every woman has her own preferences: someone likes it more comfortable and warmer, someone likes lacy and frank. Instead of wearing pajamas, negligee and the like, she thinks it's better to sleep completely naked under them.

“It is well known that bacteria love warmth,” explains gynecologist Elizaveta Komarova especially for the Medical Forum. needs air too

If you never let your intimate area out into the air, you create the perfect environment for germs to breed, because they love a warm, humid climate – and will be happy if you reinforce this by wearing underwear for the night.

Most women still wear underwear during the day – and they often wear tight pants over it, which means that air cannot enter the intimate area at all.

Sleeping without panties can reduce the risk of infection

Especially for women who often have problems with fungal infections or abscesses, it is recommended not to wear underwear at night. Because fresh air makes it difficult for fungi to grow and reduces the chance of infection.

“In this case, as a rule, it is better to wear only cotton underwear, as it is more breathable than synthetic fabrics.”

Gynecologists advise women to go without panties more often

Sleep naked: there is only one disadvantage

One of the disadvantages of sleeping naked is the need to change bed sheets more often.

“It is recommended to wash them once a week so that bacteria cannot multiply so much. Of course, through bare skin they are transmitted much more strongly than through the fabric of underwear and pajamas”.

Optimal body temperature

The body adapts to the daily rhythm. This regulates body temperature, which, in turn, is one of the most important factors affecting a person's sleep.

If the body is too warm during sleep, this can negatively affect the quality of sleep. When the temperature is optimal, the body is also better able to regulate the level of the stress hormone cortisol.

Reduce body odor

No matter how strange it may sound, it is useful from time to time to release the legs, armpits and intimate areas “into the air”. This way the sweat on the skin and in the folds of the skin dries better.

But one thing you should keep in mind: just because you sleep naked doesn't mean you can't walk around without a shower.

Light pajamas as an alternative

Some people just don't like the feeling of bare skin under the covers or they get cold very quickly, so sleeping naked is not an option for them. In such cases, it is advisable to wear something especially airy in order to at least be able to take some of the benefits with you.

For example, boxer shorts or wide pajama pants would be ideal, under which you can then not wear underwear.

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