Garlic does not help boost immunity: doctor Tyazhelnikov

Doctor Andrey Tyazhelnikov: Garlic will not increase it for a person with reduced immunity.

In an interview with a doctor, doctor of medical sciences Andrei Tyazhelnikov, some misconceptions were listed about how immunity functions, and what helps and what harms it. According to the specialist, immunity is the body's security system – it reflects external threats in the form of viruses and infections, and also promotes recovery from the inside.

Tyazhelnikov specified what can affect the decrease in immunity: immune functions are reduced by the following factors: ecology, unbalanced diet, bad habits, stress, overwork, serious illnesses.
The doctor added that in order to maintain health, it is important not to increase immunity, but to maintain it so that it does not decrease, weaken. In particular, for this it is necessary to strive to ensure that the balance of vitamins and microelements is maintained in the body. Provides such a balance of nutrition – it should be varied, fortified, contain components important for health.

Tyazhelnikov commented on the alleged immune benefits of garlic, yogurt and vitamin C. He noted that yogurt, like other fermented milk products, has a positive effect on the intestinal microflora. Eating these foods to support immune resources is really helpful.

But do they boost immunity if it's not strong enough? And does another “superfood” – garlic increase it?

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“If a person has reduced immunity, then raise it only by consuming increased portions of the vitamin With or garlic will not work. On the contrary, there may be problems with the gastrointestinal tract, ”the expert replied to
Tyazhelnikov emphasized that all useful measures to support immunity, whether it be hardening or the use of vitamin products, are effective only if they are practiced systematically for a long time. If you resort to them only during illness, there will be little benefit.

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Andrey Tyazhelnikov Andrey Tyazhelnikov Zdorovye Chief Freelance Specialist in Primary Health Care for the Adult Population of the Moscow Depdra, Doctor of Medical Sciences