Elena Malysheva: one of the two biggest dangers of relaxing in the countryside and in nature is tetanus

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Doctors Elena Malysheva and Andrey Prodeus named the two biggest dangers to health and life that can be encountered during a country holiday in the country or in nature.

Elena Malysheva warned Russians in the “Live Healthy!” program: one of the two biggest dangers of relaxing in the countryside and in nature is tetanus. The risk of developing this infection usually arises due to damage to the skin, wounds, scratches and their contamination, or contact with soil. Bacteria inhabiting the earth can penetrate the human body and begin to actively multiply, releasing a neurotoxin. Due to the effects of such a toxin, the nervous system is paralyzed and severe muscle spasms occur.

“The body becomes arched, as the muscles are maximally tense, the toxin acts on the central nervous system. It's practically agony. And it is almost impossible to save a person in this situation,” shared the immunologist Prodeus.
The doctor said that children are vaccinated against tetanus, but adults after 28 years of age need to repeat vaccinations (they must be done once every 10 years).< br>
If you received a wound in the country or nature that became contaminated with soil, you need to go to the emergency room, where they inject a serum that blocks the action of a dangerous toxin.

Doctors called high risk another great danger of relaxing in the country and nature be bitten by a tick.

“Borreliosis, also known as Lyme disease, is transmitted from ticks. There is no vaccine for it. Typically, such an infection is recognized by the appearance of erythema on the skin, as well as pain in the joints. Rarely, but there is such an option as neuroborreliosis. In this case, a person faces apathy, fatigue, and his legs may fail,” doctors warned.
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