Dr. Malysheva warned about the risk of intestinal death due to laxatives

Elena Malysheva: taking laxatives “kills” the intestines.

Dr. Malysheva recalled that laxatives play the role of stimulants of intestinal motility: they stimulate the muscles the intestines contract more actively to achieve the desired effect of defecation.

“There are three groups of drugs – sennosides, drugs containing bisacodyl, and drugs with sodium picosulfate,” she said during the filming of the TV show “Live Healthy!” on Channel One.
Malysheva noted that all these drugs are effective and have a good reputation, but patients often begin to abuse them – as a result, addiction develops. According to the doctor, nerve receptors in the intestines react to the components of laxatives, beginning to secrete active substances that “stimulate” peristalsis. If the drugs are abused, the sensitivity of the receptors decreases – the usual dose of the drugs stops working. Most people in this situation simply take more laxatives.

Dr. Malysheva warned about the risk of intestinal death due to laxatives.

“Stimulants can be used as an emergency aid and for no longer than two weeks. With constant use, the intestines die,” the doctor stated.
To normalize stool, you should eat food that contains a lot of indigestible dietary fiber (prebiotics) – bran, lentils, cabbage, artichokes, bananas, leeks. What is also important is to drink enough water (at least two liters per day) and maintain physical activity.

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