Doctors: Too high or low lymphocyte levels may be a sign of cancer

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Changes in the level of lymphocytes are an indicator of the condition of the body, including may indicate cancer.

Doctors appearing on the TV program “Live Healthy!” , (Elena Malysheva and Andrey Prodeus) warned that an unbalanced content of lymphocytes could be a sign of cancer.

“The norm of lymphocytes is 1.18-3.74 thousand cells/μl. They should be up to 40% in the blood test. These are the greatest cells of our body,” said Professor Malysheva.
What are lymphocytes? These are cells of the immune system that fight pathogenic particles. They act in part as locators, recognizing harmful cells whose proliferation leads to infections and cancer, and issuing commands to produce antibodies. Partially – like destroyers. Lymphocytes are produced by the bone marrow.

What is dangerous about too high a level of lymphocytes?Lymphocytes increase when an infectious disease occurs or a chronic infection worsens. But a significant excess of them can signal the development of blood cancer.

“If we are talking about numbers of 8-9 thousand, high, but not too much, then we are talking about an infection. If the indicator rises to 20-30 thousand, this already indicates that the bone marrow is sick and there is blood cancer,” said doctor Prodeus.
What is dangerous about a low level of lymphocytes? This could be a sign of immunodeficiency, as well as tumors. According to doctors, tumors that do not arise in the hematopoietic system suppress the activity of the immune system, preventing the production of a sufficient number of lymphocytes.

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