Doctors: the three main enemies of blood vessels are stored in the refrigerator of many Russians

the woman opened the refrigerator
Russian doctors named ready-made store-bought sauces among the main enemies of the vessels stored in the refrigerator of Russians.

Doctors drew attention to the fact that the diet of Russians often contains harmful products, the portal healthy-food.rf informed about this. For example, many people store foods in their refrigerators, the consumption of which negatively affects the condition of blood vessels and the heart. Among the three main enemies of blood vessels, experts named desserts and other foods rich in added sugar.

“Confectionery, candy, sweet and alcoholic drinks, sweetened dairy products, cereals and muesli are the main sources of added sugar for most people. “- said the experts.
Doctors emphasized that the consumption of added sugar must be limited – it is a source of “empty” calories that enter the body without any additional vitamins and minerals, are quickly absorbed and processed into excess energy and fat. According to them, such sugar can be present in a huge number of products, so you need to read their labels carefully. Sugar can even be present in cottage cheese and milk.

“You need to give up excess sugar gradually. You should start with drinks and especially high-calorie desserts. At the first stage, give up tea and coffee with sugar, sweet drinks, reduce pastries and sweets,” the doctors shared their advice.
Also, among the three main enemies of the vessels that are stored in the refrigerator of many Russians, they named processed foods meat and ready-made sauces. People are accustomed to adding mayonnaise and ketchup to almost all dishes, but these sauces also contain sugar, and in addition to it, also various additives in the form of flavor enhancers, preservatives, stabilizers, and salt. Such a “bouquet” can provoke unfavorable changes in the condition of blood vessels.

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