Doctor Zubova: spider veins can occur due to problems with the liver and thyroid gland

Doctor Nina Zubova: the appearance of spider veins on the skin of the body can be a marker of problems with the health of internal organs.

Spider veins are often associated with varicose veins, but Doctor Zubova noted: varicose veins are not a common cause of their occurrence. Such stars, spiders or cobwebs consist of capillaries, while varicose veins indicate pathological processes in deeper veins.

“Often, spider veins are just a cosmetic defect. Only less than 25% of people with such spider veins actually have problems with their blood vessels,” the doctor told Izvestia.
Zubova added that the appearance of spider veins in many cases is caused by hereditary fragility of capillaries and does not pose any threat to health and does not require treatment.

But sometimes a network of “burst” thin vessels that appears on the skin is a signal of health problems. In particular, the doctor warned, spider veins can occur with problems with the liver and thyroid gland.

“A network of burgundy capillaries on the legs, arms, stomach or face can signal the onset of rheumatoid arthritis, liver problems and thyroid diseases,” listed Nina Zubova.
She added that certain medications “help” the appearance of such stars: for example, hormonal or intended to correct blood pressure. In women, their appearance often occurs against the background of hormonal fluctuations.

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Nina Zubova Nina Zubova Health expert doctor at the Hemotest laboratory