Doctor Umnov named a lethal dose of vodka, therapist Andreeva told what to do in case of alcohol poisoning

Doctor Umnov named a lethal dose of vodka, therapist Andreeva told what to do in case of alcohol poisoning

A teacher at the Faculty of Medicine, Alexander Umnov, shared information that a liter of this drink consumed within one hour can become a lethal dose of vodka. According to him, the human liver has the ability to process a maximum of 120 mg of ethyl alcohol.

Umnov emphasized that ethyl alcohol in a dose of up to 120 mg can be processed harmlessly by the liver. However, exceeding this dose leads to the fact that alcohol is not processed by the liver, but begins to circulate in the blood and accumulate in tissues. A lethal dose is drinking a liter of vodka in one hour, at which the concentration of ethanol in the blood reaches five to six grams per liter of blood.

The doctor also noted that symptoms of alcohol poisoning include a drop in body temperature, slow breathing, rapid pulse, slurred speech, as well as possible hallucinations and epileptic seizures. According to him, when drinking large doses of vodka, a person experiences difficulty moving and almost does not react to external stimuli.

“Alcohol poisoning is a serious condition that requires immediate medical attention,” says thedoctor -therapist Irina Andreeva specially for MedicForum.

Here are a few steps you can take if you suspect alcohol poisoning:

Call an ambulance

If If you suspect alcohol poisoning in yourself or someone else, call an ambulance immediately. This is important so that professionals can quickly assess the victim’s condition and provide the necessary assistance.

Ensure airway patency

“Try to provide oxygen by making sure the airway is not blocked. Help the victim sit or lie down in a comfortable position.”

Monitor breathing

Monitor the victim's breathing. If he stops breathing or his breathing slows down, begin artificial respiration immediately.

Don't let him faint

The victim may lose consciousness or faint. Make sure his head does not collide with a hard surface and, if necessary, place him in a safe sideways position to avoid choking on vomit.

Do not give food or drink

“Do not try to get the victim to eat or drink something to avoid further poisoning.”

Stay with the victim until emergency services arrive

While you wait for emergency services to arrive, stay with the victim and monitor his condition . If he is vomiting, make sure he is not choking.

“It is important to remember that signs of alcohol poisoning can vary from person to person and in different situations. If there is any concern or uncertainty, it is always best to call medical care,” says Andreeva.

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Important! Information is provided for reference purposes. Ask a specialist about contraindications and side effects and under no circumstances self-medicate. At the first signs of illness, consult a doctor.