Doctor Tarasov: abdominal pain and constipation may indicate colon cancer

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Chelyabinsk doctor Dmitry Tarasov named the symptoms of colorectal cancer.

Doctor Tarasov stated that abdominal pain and constipation may indicate colon cancer.

“Most often the disease is signaled by pain in the abdomen, changes in bowel function (diarrhea or constipation), the appearance of blood when going to the toilet,” he clarified on his page on the social network.
Tarasov emphasized that the occurrence Such symptoms at the age of about 50 years and older can be a very alarming signal. If they appear, you should immediately consult a doctor, since at this age such signs mean an increased risk of developing colon cancer.

Dmitry Tarasov said that medical practice shows: from the moment the first symptoms of colorectal cancer appear to its immediate detection, an average of six months passes.

The doctor also drew attention to the fact that colorectal cancer is “getting younger”: colon cancer is all People under 50 are more likely to get the disease.

“Researchers believe that the incidence of colon cancer in people under 50 will continue to rise in the coming years,” he shared.
The doctor emphasized that an effective way to detect intestinal cancer in a timely manner is preventive screening. Tarasov advises starting it at the age of 45. He noted that colorectal cancer is preventable if detected early.

In addition, to prevent the disease, the doctor recommended monitoring the quality of nutrition and having enough physical activity.

The portal previously wrote that infrequent bowel movements may be normal for some people.

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Dmitry Tarasov Dmitry Tarasov Health, chief physician of Chelyabinsk City Clinical Hospital No. 1