Doctor Suboch: dacha work threatens women with pelvic organ prolapse

work in the garden
Gynecologist Natalia Suboch called a dangerous consequence of too active work in the garden for women.

Doctor Suboch warned that work in the country is dangerous women with prolapse of the pelvic organs.

“Many summer residents may experience prolapse or prolapse of the pelvic organs due to abnormal physical activity in the garden,” the gynecologist told Channel Five.
Natalia Suboch clarified that this pathology is caused by a violation of the natural support of the uterus, bladder, colon or rectum. According to the doctor, women who work a lot on land are generally more likely to experience organ prolapse. Their tendency to this pathology is explained by frequent wearing or lifting heavy objects and increased load on the spine. In addition, the expert added, the risk of pelvic organ prolapse increases due to poor posture, flat feet, hernias and protrusions.

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