Doctor Serezhina: early watermelons and melons can lead to cancer

Doctor Vera Serezhina: early watermelons and melons can be dangerous due to being “overfed” with fertilizers; they contribute to the appearance of toxic nitrites in the body.

Doctor Serezhin advised Russians to refrain from buying and eating early melons. The doctor emphasized that watermelons and melons ripen naturally, starting from the end of July. The expert explained that early fruits, which look quite appetizing and ripe, are most likely “overfed” with fertilizers. At the same time, the nitrates used by producers turn into toxic nitrites when the fruits are eaten in the human body. Under the influence of these toxins, the risk of circulatory disorders and tissue oxygen starvation increases. Children and people with chronic diseases of the respiratory, cardiovascular, and excretory systems usually suffer from the most severe consequences of such violations.

Vera Serezhin added that early watermelons and melons, which can be a source of toxic substances for the body, can lead to the development of cancer.

“Nitrates tend to accumulate in the body, causing chronic intoxication, which can lead to cancer,” the doctor warned in a commentary to RIA Novosti.
In addition, eating early fruits is associated with the risk of pesticide poisoning. This intoxication manifests itself acutely: it is usually characterized by abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever, severe weakness, and profuse sweating. If these symptoms appear after drinking watermelon or melon out of season, the injured person must call an ambulance.

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Vera Serezhina Vera Serezhina Health, medical expert at the LabQuest medical company