Doctor Rafaelyan navala drinking tea and eating soups is a way to relieve hay fever

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Allergist-immunologist Alla Rafaelyan: drinking liquid helps relieve the symptoms of hay fever, which worsens during the flowering period of plants.

Hay fever or allergy to pollen begins to manifest itself more and more actively at this time of year, provoking the appearance of characteristic symptoms in the form of nasal congestion, profuse discharge and sneezing, swelling.

Doctor Rafaelyan told

“To It’s easier to survive allergies, you need to drink more fluids.”
Allergist navala drinking tea and eating soups as a way to relieve hay fever.

“Additional fluid helps thin mucus in the nasal passages and brings relief,” explained the specialist.
Alla Rafaelyan added that when consuming warm broths or soups, their steam will help to get rid of nasal congestion.

Also, she noted, for people suffering from hay fever, nasal rinsing can help alleviate their condition. Thanks to this procedure, the mucous membrane is better cleansed of allergen microparticles that irritate it and aggravate the body's reactions. The doctor advised that the first aid kit for allergy sufferers be equipped with an isotonic solution of sea water, which can be used with regular nasal irrigation – along with first or second generation antihistamines (they are used as an emergency remedy for allergic reactions).

“A more extensive first aid kit must be collected individually with the attending allergist,” the expert emphasized.
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