Doctor Prokofiev: rotavirus can lead to coma and death

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Doctor Denis Prokofiev: rotavirus is by no means a harmless disease.

Doctor Prokofiev spoke about the dangerous consequences of rotavirus infection. He said that most often infection occurs when drinking dirty water and fruits, due to non-compliance with hygiene rules.

According to Prokofiev, the virus enters the intestines when it enters the body. In the small intestine, because of it, the absorption of fluid is disturbed, the body begins to suffer from dehydration. In a critical case, it can bring the sick person to coma and death.

“There are various degrees of dehydration. The most thermal is the fourth stage, when a person loses 9% of fluid from body weight. This can lead to resuscitation, even death is possible,” the doctor shared with Tsargrad.
Prokofiev added that in children, deterioration caused by rotavirus can occur much faster compared to adults. When treating an infection, he said, it is important to replenish fluid loss – specifically with saline solutions, enterosorbents.

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