Doctor Pozdnyakov: cholera can be confused with an intestinal infection

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Infectious disease doctor Andrei Pozdnyakov: cholera symptoms can resemble intestinal infection – this is what makes it especially dangerous.

Doctor Pozdnyakov noted that cholera can be confused with intestinal infection due to the similarity of external signs.

“Cholera can be confused with other intestinal infections: viral diarrhea, salmonellosis, any other bacterial infections, they also have similar symptoms: vomiting, loose stools, fever,” Pozdnyakov clarified in a comment to RIA Novosti.
The doctor added that cholera is a more dangerous disease for the body due to its severe consequences. In its case, deterioration of health intensifies much faster, due to which there is a risk of death.

According to Pozdnyakov, the greatest danger of cholera is the development of severe dehydration. The fluid deficit in the body of a sick person can be so significant that shock develops, leading to death. Not all intestinal infections are characterized by such an intense loss of fluid and electrolytes.

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Andrey Pozdnyakov Andrey Pozdnyakov Health infectious disease specialist, chief physician of INVITRO-Siberia, candidate of medical sciences